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Welcome to my Blog: Bethany-Jep

Always, when introducing yourself, you try and gauge: how much is too much, or how little is too little?

Hello World!

Introductions are normally awkward, right? Always when introducing yourself you try and gauge How much is too much, or How little is too little? Today, this being my very first post here, I wanted to introduce myself. I will give a little background to who I am, and why I decided to write.

I go by Bethany Jepchumba, but after watching Detective Pikachu, I can also go by Pikachu 😉.

Somewhere in between the 2020 pandemic, I created a mission: recreating stories, enhancing lives, that has led me here. From my mission, I want to transform individual stories. I would love to be able to transform and improve anyone’s life around me. It may seem wide but let me explain.

recreating stories, enhancing lives.

From a young age, I have always loved exploring different aspects of life. For instance, in my early pre-teens I competed in our school’s athletics games, occasionally tested my knitting and painting skills, became a pro at Scrabble, and at one time hoped I would become a champion table tennis player. I shifted from hobby to hobby and never settled. Growing up, it stuck with me.

When I first landed in the technology ecosystem, I started out with HTML/CSS. From there, I explored JavaScript, Python, Java and PHP. For most of the languages, I only scratched the surface, and frankly I no longer remember their basic syntax. Therefore, I decided to start my own blog and vlog where I can solidify my knowledge.

A little more about myself. After years of indecisiveness I now identify myself as a Data Scientist and Designer. My path was born from my mission. Data comes in when I want to know what is the current state, and design comes in communication when visualizing data, recreating user interfaces and general graphic design.

Follow along in my journey as I explore the world of Data, Design with a hint of Microsoft technologies.

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