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ADPList Mentorship Session

Today I had my first session with Charles Kithika. We had a discussion on time management and career advice.


  • Calendar block your time
  • Guard your time, if you don’t guard your time, someone else will pick it?

  • Assess - meeting invite with Agenda (automatically decline).
  • if you don’t have an input in the Agenda, you can decline politely, condition people not to involve you in meetings.


My greatest take away was steps on how I can prepare myself for a program/product manager role in the next few months. (I hope this will also be useful in whatever area you are currently pursuing):

  • Project Management - ability to get sth done with limited resources - the number of resources needed to move from one project to the end. Limited time/resources and an end goal
  • Product Management - meet the customer needs via a designed solution. Who influences the design behind how a product works and how it is used
  • Program Management - a product mgr with a few add-ons. More involved in the business aspect of the product. Look at the environmental factors

on Learning

  • First, look at the top skills required, how can you apply those skills within your current role and how can you monitor this. Create timelines for this rate and reflect on yourself after every month.
  • Second, select at least 2/3 skills you need to work on
  • Third, find ways in which you can apply those skills within your current role and create a way to track the said skills.
  • Lastly, create timelines and set time aside each month to reflect and rate yourself in the chosen skills. You can have your peers/managers also rate your skills.

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