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Landinga a job in tech...!

You’ve spent the past several weeks or months trying to build your skills. Most nights were spent in front of your PC burning the midnight oil. Now it’s time to prepare and land that TECH job you’ve been eyeing.

Below I’ve compiled some resources to assist you:

CV and resumes that stand out.

What should you include in your resume?

Other resources that can help you:


Why not go a notch higher and build your portfolio? Here are some tips from Emma Bostian to guide you: How to build a porfolio](

Where can you host your portfolio? - Github Pages | Azure Static Web Apps | Netlify | | Heroku | Microsoft Azure etc.

Questions to ask yourself as you prepare your portfolio:

  • Is your portfolio easy to navigate?
  • Do you have screenshots?
  • Do you have a source code?
  • Is your source code clean and, when appropriate, commented?
  • Do you still understand it?
  • Are you prepared to talk about this project in an interview setting?

Cover Letters

A few notes: go straight to the point, be authentic and ensure there are no grammar mistakes. You can review more here: developer-cover-letter

Data Structures and Algorithms

Having basic knowledge in data structures, algorithms, system design and other Computer Science Fundamentals is essential when applying for technical Software Engineering related jobs. How can you do this? How can you improve your skills in this area?

Here are some resources and links you can use to develop your skills in this area:

Social Media and Branding

Trying to build a specific tone, character, and image of yourself online might be very tiring and in the end, you might lose yourself. However, having a mission and values to guide you to become a better version of yourself, both online and offline is essential.

💡 One of the best ways to build your brand is by going the extra mile in whatever you do. Show up and do better than you do your best.

While keeping ensuring your brand is on point, the starting point is your about. How do you describe yourself? What keywords should you include? First, before updating your profile: look for some job descriptions that match your skills. Search how recruiters describe the job that you want. From there, match your profile to the same.

Here is how you can curate your brand:


Confidence. It is the ability to believe in what you know and accept what you don’t know. Confidence is a required skill for interviews. Ensure you are aware of your skills vs the employer’s needs. Prepare yourself, have at least two projects you can talk about and do adequate research on your employer.

The questions you can ask your interviewer: technical on the role, business question on the company and personal question to the interviewer. Take notes before and during the interview. Below are resources to help you navigate inteviews:

STAR interview technique of answering questions: STAR stands for situation, task, action and result. Below are ways you can learn more about the method and how to use it to answer questions:

Questions to ask during your interview

Other Job Search Resources

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